NEW Product Release: Speed F-13 HIGH-GRIP STEERING WHEEL

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NEW Product Release: Speed F-13 HIGH-GRIP STEERING WHEEL

Our Speed F-13 HIGH-GRIP STEERING WHEEL is now available on our website!

When you've been driving for hours on end in the blazing desert sun, your whole body starts to sweat. The sweat on your face and neck are making your helmet smell muggy and you have irreversible swamp ass. Your hands are probably sweating so much that you want to rip your gloves off, but you can't because those sweaty palms would slide all over your steering wheel and that is an accident waiting to happen. With the Speed F-13 HIGH-GRIP STEERING WHEEL, your sweaty palms will find plenty of traction all over the wheel. 

Some facts about our F-13 Steering Wheel:

-Made in Italy

-Specifically designed for offroad and performance driving

-Aluminum structure

-Extreme ergonomic grip for maximum wheel control

-Six-hole pattern

-Dirt and water friendly/washable



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