SpeedSXS Makes The Competition Take Notice At The Norra Mexican 1000

The Norra Mexican 1000 is a five day, 1,369 mile, 12 stage race from Ensenada to Cabo.  Robby Gordon and his team, that included driver’s Kirk Van Metre & his son Zach, felt it was the perfect environment to see what the new Textron Wildcat XX could do in competitive trim.  Could the Wildcat XX compete right off the showroom floor with some key aftermarket accessories.  At the center of the upgrade process was SpeedSXS 77” Long Travel Kit, King Shocks, EFX Motohammer Tires, Speed Window Net System, and KMC Wheels.  This platform gave the UTV added suspension travel and stability for the Baja rally.  The powerplant for the endurance race was the stock three cylinder naturally aspirated Yamaha 998cc. 

 “Immediately we realized that whether you were going through the brutal San Felipe whoops, or the silt beds, the SpeedCatXX handled and dominated all that it was faced with”, said driver Zach Van Metre.  As the week and stages rolled on the UTV kept improving in its performance.  By the 4th day where the vehicle headed out of Loreto through the rocky washes of the dry creek bed towards La Paz it made its mark.  The XX collected all 3 stage wins in its UTV division, and finished 19th overall for the day.  That is overall against competition that included Trophy Trucks and Buggies.  On the final day, from La Paz to Cabo, the UTV finished an amazing 7th overall, and picked up its 5th divisional win for the rally.  Van Metre added, “The car allowed us to do the unspeakable. Many competitors were surprised the UTV could finish 7th overall in a stage.  Although Robby Gordon and our team were not surprised, and after driving the car I understand why”.  Gordon said, “We are really excited now that the Textron Wildcat XX is out on the marketplace, and for it to go down and do the Baja as a production vehicle is really cool.  The reliability was very good, we learned a few more things about the UTV in the Mexican 1000 that is going to help us in the future”.  

Van Metre went on to say, “We knew the XX was special, but what we learned is that ‘special’ is an understatement.  The capabilities for the XX are endless, and I believe that this vehicle is going to change the UTV World as we know it today”.  Robby Gordon & Todd Romano’s new line of UTV Accessories, at SpeedSXS.com, specifically featured for the Wildcat XX, will include a Desert Racing Kit so those who have dreamed of racing the Mint 400, and Baja 1000, as well as other off-road races from short course to endurance races can finally make that a reality.  

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