Speed Clutch Kit (32 inch) Fits Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR1000

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The Speed clutch kit for Wildcat XX and XTR 1000 is designed specifically for 32-inch tires and an elevation of 5000 feet and under.  The kit includes our new two-stage helix, primary and secondary springs, cam arms and weights.  RPM is now back to 9200 for peak horsepower, 800 RPM more than the stock clutch when running 32-inch tires.  Get your horsepower, top speed and drivability back with the Speed XX Clutch Kit.  It is a must-have for anybody running 32-inch tires.   Clutch Puller and Spring Compressor not included but are necessary for install.   The image is of all the product we tested and designed to come up with this kit.