Speed Shock Mount Gusset Kit: Fits Wildcat XX & Tracker XTR1000

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Fits: Wildcat XX & Tracker XTR1000 shock mount gusset.

The Rear Shock Mounts on the Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR 1000 come from the factory with a wall thickness of .075.  The Shock mount tabs are also mounted to a rear cross tube, this tube is also used to secure for your 5 point seat belt.  We have made a weld on gusset kit to strengthen and support this area.  

Most Textron and Tracker dealers do not weld or gusset bent or broken frames.  They are trained to replace broken parts.  A broken shock tower or broken rear cross tube, at most dealers, will require a new chassis.  We have created a gusset kit that helps prevent this from happening, and save thousands of dollars in repairs.

Make your Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR 1000 bullet proof with the Speed Shock Tower Gusset Kit.

4130 Steel - .125 thick

4 pieces (2 Left & 2 Right)