Speed Billet Steering Rack: Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR 1000

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Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR Billet Racing Rack with mount    Rack is a 1.5 to one rack.  This is a direct replacement to your stock XX steering rack.  The Rack is mounted in double shear and the rack bar is 300 M Machine and fully rebuildable rack.  Steering is quicker, has a heavier feel and provides greater feedback to the driver.  

300 m pinion

300 m heated and teflon costed pinion gear

300 m 1 inch 250 rack bar

Stock rack bar teeth engagement is .75.  We are 40 percent stronger than stock

7075 Hard Anodized rack housing

1.5 to 1 steering ratio

Built in double sheer bracket

Mounting point have been widened from 2 inches to 5 inches for added strength.