Speed MSA M21/31 15" LOK Beadlock Wheel: FITS WILDCAT XX AND TRACKER XTR1000

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The M21 Lok is beauty, function and performance all engineered to push your machine to the next level. Each M21 Lok wheel comes with all of the necessary parts to professionally lock any tire to your wheels to ensure a safe and quality ride. What makes this beadlock UTV wheel different from the rest is because of a couple unique MSA attributes. The finish used on this wheel is called “gunmetal” which is actually a dart tinted clear-coat that is overlaid on top of the micro-machined wheel face adding depth, charcoal highlights and a completely new industry option. The Gunmetal finish is accented with gloss black automotive grade paint, only offered by MSA Wheels and Speed SXS and currently only offered on the M21 Lok in this combination. MSA came out with the M16 Vice beadlock UTV wheel a couple of years ago and was instantly a success. They knew they had to up the ante so we increased the diameter and went with a full faced 15×7″ option on the new M21 Lok, allowing you more tire options for your unique terrain. The unique Lok wheel design sheds weight, dirt, mud and debris fast making clean up a snap. We recommend you mount a set of EFX Tires which are tested tough and held to the same high standards as our wheels.

The difference between the M21 and the M31 is the M31 Lok 2 is available in thick satin black paint and matte grey on the ring. The updated ring is made of durable billet aluminum and engineered with holes to make cleaning up your machine a snap. One of the biggest problems with beadlock wheels is after you tear the trail up, debris builds up behind the ring. The all new M31 Lok 2 ring solves this dilemma forever, incorporating twenty specially designed wash out holes to ensure your wheels stay clean on and off the trail.



Product is priced as quantity 1.  Please order the correct amount of wheels and tires for your application.