Speed PLW10 Sand/Paddle Tire Kit

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The Speed PLW10 is a Made In America Sand Specific Sand Tire

Kit pricing includes Speed factory bead lock wheel and Speed PLW10 Tires .  2 Fronts and 2 Rears per Kit.  NON MOUNTED

This is a light weight performance Sand/Paddle Tire.  The new Speed UTV comes with more horsepower than any other Side X Side, we designed the Speed PLW10 to put all that power to the ground.  At Speed UTV performance is what drives us,  and it’s what we build to keep you in front of the competition.  The new Speed PLW10 is a sand specific rear paddle tire and front buffed tire combination.  It is not to be driven on hard surfaces, and can be easily punctured by trees or branches.  It is the ultimate in driving performance when matched with the the Speed 2 piece bead lock wheel.  Now you can run a paddle without changing your offset, or making your car wider.  The Speed 2 piece bead lock wheel is recommend for low tire pressure applications to prevent you from rolling your tire off your wheel.

The Speed PLW10 is a first of its kind true sand tire.  This is not an implement tractor tire that is buffed. We had a custom mold created to manufacture the carcass, a custom machine was designed to create the buffing surface, and a proprietary buffing technology was used that adds traction to your tires.   The Speed PLW10 is not just relying on the rear paddles, but do to the front buffed surfaces creates traction to pull you through the corners.

Every tire is measured for its roll out.  The larger diameter tires are used in the front and allows us to overdrive the front wheels.  When we over drive the fronts, it helps pull you through the dunes and corners.

Front Roll out 103-104 inches

Rear Roll out is 100-102 inches

Tire Dimensions 32×13-15

10 Paddle Rear   20 LB. (Tire only weight)

12.250 long .870 tall

Buffed Front 17 LB. (Trie only weight)

Pricing is Kit pricing with Speed factory bead lock wheel and Speed PLW10 Tires .  2 Fronts and 2 Rears per Kit