Speed UTV Break In Kit

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Your Speed UTV motor, transmission and differential comes with standard brake in oil. This is not a synthetic oil, and needs to be run for the first 250 miles to properly brake in your Engine, Transmission and Differential.    You must change your oil at the 200-250 mile brake in period to the recommended Speed synthetic oils.  The transmission and differential use a propriertary 80/250 that was created specifically for the demands the  high HP and 4WD will create on the internal components.  Your factory and extended warranty is VOID if the 80/250 Speed Gear Oil is not run in the transmission and differential.


This kit includes.

4 Quarts Speed VP 10/50 Synthetic

2 Quarts Speed VP 80/250 Gear Oil

1 Speed Oil Filter

1 Speed Air Filter

1 Speed Factory CVT Belt