Speed ECU Performance Tune: Fits WildCat XX and Tracker XTR1000

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This ECU is designed for closed course racing only, and works on all model years for the Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR 1000.   Key improvements, see attached dyno graph.  6 RWHP gain with Stock Exhaust.  10 RWHP gain with performance header!


1. No Speed-Limiter

2. Two-Foot Braking

3.  Increased bottom-end throttle response 

4. Throttle body stays wide open at top speed

5.  5 to 10 HP gains when using slip-on or full exhaust

Get the same race tune as Robby Gordon and Todd Romano. This tune, when combined with 32 inch tires, has exceeded 90 MPH and is outrunning some of the fastest turbo production cars.

Performance 1:   Stock motors with or without  a slip on exhaust: 6 RWHP gain

Performance 2:   Stock motors with a performance header and with or without a slip on muffler: 10 RWHP gain

Customer needs to drop ship there stock ECU to our North Carolina facility. There is a 3-5 day turn around.

Please ship ECU to 
Speed SXS
Ginger Staufenbeil
10615 Twin Lakes Pkwy
Charlotte NC 28269
Please put you name on ECU with a Sharpie and enclose a letter with return address.