Speed Front Bumper and Winch Mount Combination: Fits WildCat XX and TRACKER XTR1000

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Speed WildCat XX Front Pre Runner Bumper and Winch Mount Combo.  The winch system is located underneath the hood and the rope runs over the the bumper. There is a polished bezel on the top of the bumper that allows the rope run back and forth without scratching the paint on the bumper or wearing down the rope. Slider bar has rounded corners to avoid wear and tear. Roller system has two-bearings and bolts on. The winch is mounted beneath the bulk head which gives the winch more structure. Quick-release has been designed to come through the switch brackets. You do not have to remove the hood to use this winch unit. Our Winch Cable holder is located underneath the bumper and doubles as a tie down or tow hook.  Warn Winch NOT included.