Speed Race-Ready Dual-Plunge Rear Axle: Fits Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR1000

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These axles are different from the ones that come stock on the Wildcat XX. They use a new spiral lock system that we designed to keep the micro-stub in the rear differential. Our CV plunges at the CV joint, not on the axle. It also allows us to use a standard CV boot. The CV is completely rebuildable and uses a threaded-on CV Race to allow the CV balls to track at full plunge.  


Speed has put over 10,000 miles of race testing on these axles over the past few years, and will be going to DAKAR in January 2019 with the same axles that are available to you.

These axles are designed to work with our Speed 77 and 72 inch long travel suspension kit.

We also have our rear race axles in stock 64 length for customers wanting to upgrade their stock rear axles.  

Pricing is for one complete axle assembly. It is universal and can be used on the left or right side of the vehicle.  


Download Installation Manual Here

Download Axle Drill Template

XX Axle Manual