Speed Steering Rack Gusset and Support Kit: Fits Wildcat XX and Tracker XTR 1000

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Speed Steering Rack Support kit. This is a direct bolt in kit and puts the factory steering rack in double shear.  A common issue with the factory steering rack mount is the lack of both vertical and horizontal support.  The new Speed Support Kit creates the additional support needed to prevent the factory bracket from coming lose or weakening due to the increased leverage seen in challenging terrain or high speed driving.  Also  included is a steering rack bushing. This bushing is designed to go in the left side of the housing to keep the rack bar supported at both ends of its travel.   

The Steering Rack Support Kit and Rack Bushing were tested this years rock crawling in Moab Utah, at the Mint 400 and the Baja 500   It is race and play proven, and is one more step to making your weekends and vacations behind the wheel.  

Customers have also orders the Speed Tie Rod kits to make the steering a bullet proof as possible.